Email sent out on Wednesday, November 8th

Hello LRD parents and dancers!

I have had a few people email me regarding recital questions so I thought I would put all the information in an email to send out and then upload into our parent center on our website.  This would be the first post in the parent center and I will let you know as soon as that is up along with the username and password information!

Our end of the year recitals are BIG EVENTS!  It is common for us to sell out our shows of which we sold out three last year and had to add in a fourth show.  As of now our show times are not established but our rehearsal dates and show weekend date is all set and booked.  All Dancers will perform in 2-3 shows.  Yes.. Acro classes are part of our show!  As of right now Ballet classes Level 4 and up will be technique classes only.  We are still debating on Level 3 ballet in the show.  

Our shows and rehearsals will take place at the Interlakes Auditorium.

If you visit our website under the News and Events tab and scroll down you will see our calendar.  If you go to May and June you will see the dates listed for you to have them for reference.  Below are the dates as well:

Rehearsals will have specific times for dancers.  These are general as of now.  Dancers will only have ONE night of Dress Rehearsal as well.

May 23rd-  Staging rehearsal for Levels 3 and up   3pm-9pm

May 28th- Dress Rehearsal #1  3pm-9pm

May 29th-  Dress Rehearsal #2  3pm-9pm

May 31st- Show Day

June 1st- Show Day

June 2nd- Show Day

Tickets go on sale a month prior to and are HIGHLY recommended to purchase ASAP as they will GO FAST!  I give a lot of warning ahead of time as to when tickets will go on sale.  We will have four shows again this year.  

If you have any further questions please let me know!